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London Rising

A distillation of the London skyline by Stephen Longwill.For art prints, pillows,t-shirts and more of Stephen’s work click here

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Illustrated Writing maps

Illustrated Writing maps here your house as inspiration for creative writing, prompts by Shaun Levin illustrations by Stephen Longwill. Maps available here.

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Peter Funch

For more Peter Funch

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Stephen Longwill

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Gardar Eide Einarsson

Gardar Eide Einarsson proving sometimes all you need is black and white.

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Eric Beltz

Eric Beltz makes drawings that plunge you into the religious rhetorical myths of the origin of America. Frontiers men going insane in their log cabins an axe in one hand the bible in the other, pagan ideas rising from the … Continue reading

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Etsuko Fukaya

Amazing images from Etsuko Fukaya reminiscent of early zoological illustrations they contain mind boggling complexity.

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Futo Akiyoshi

Futo Akiyoshi creates this series of leg paintings, which resemble flags. We can detect a possible subtext here of cultural diversity,to these images he attaches the suggestive titles “leg of woman who dislikes me”,A,B,C,D etc this opens an experiential narrative … Continue reading

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Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt produces works that look like blueprints for strange complex happenings, this diagramatical feel is allied to a sense of rhythm and intensity for interesting results. The visual tradition of a diagrams is used to draw the viewer in … Continue reading

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Eva Solano

Great lively observational line drawings from Eva Solano with the colours acidic yet subtle. The compositions are that of a sketch book riff, with an off the cuff yet ordered look.

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Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer takes what is fast becoming the arena of antiquity- the paper book and to coin a modern term ‘remixes’ it. He seals the book by glueing the edges then with scalpel cuts back into the layers and reselects … Continue reading

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Christophe Huet

Christophe Huet The homeless drowning in the concrete as the city sucks them down! Great digitally manipulated images from Christophe Huet letting the imagination run free with the concepts and then fine technical realisation.

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